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Hi! We’re Double Your Digital. And we’re here to help you attract and convert more customers into your business, using proven online strategies (that most agencies have never heard of).

Most digital marketing agencies have it wrong.

They think digital marketing is about going through the motions. They seem to assume that traffic in and of itself is what you should be paying for.

But if it doesn’t convert into actual business, what good has it done you?

Traffic + Conversion = The REAL Online Equation For Your Success.

At Double Your Digital we understand the online path-to-purchase for high-ticket products and services. This means we understand high-value lead generation & customer acquisition. We know what it takes to make your phone ring and ready-to-buy customers flood abundantly into your business.

If you want to generate higher volumes of interested prospects & have new channels of high-quality ready-to-buy customers flooding into your business, then let’s talk.

About Our Team

We have succeeded in some of the most competitive niches online…Now we use our hard-won marketing powers to help our clients attract, convert & retain more high-value customers in their business, like clockwork.

Hannah G. Wiley, Founder & CEO

New-Picture1Hannah “Growth” Wiley helps business owners, CEOs, & leaders in charge of generating more business, get better results from targeted online marketing, often with a much higher ROI than they get from traditional marketing.

She is also an author and internationally recognized speaker, whose work has helped businesses in multiple countries.

From Hannah:

After managing publicity for high-tech startups at a highly successful PR firm…I jumped into the fast-paced world of internet marketing and started building online “virtual” businesses just over 5 years ago.

The internet marketing space is cut-throat and highly competitive, and the battles against well-funded competitors gave me some seriously sharp online marketing skills.

When I discovered how much established offline businesses desperately needed these high-ROI marketing strategies, I decided to start a digital marketing company helping real-world businesses get up-to-speed & become leaders their markets.

Now I use the “evil genius” digital marketing skills I’ve acquired to help successful real-world businesses like yours generate more abundant profits online.

Double Your Digital – Expert Team

In addition to Hannah, you get access to her expert team, who consistently prove ROI month after month with the most cutting-edge online strategies, in multiple high-ticket industries.

Among other things, our experts are some of the best and brightest minds in lead generation, customer acquisition, client retention, sales funnel automation, website design, and digital marketing strategy know-how. And have a wealth of experience in many types of business, including:

  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Luxury Goods & Services
  • Business-to-business (B2B)
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C)
  • Almost every major high-ticket industry
  • Of many sizes: from well-funded start-ups to large enterprises

Our main objective is to help our clients rapidly accelerate profits while freeing up their time and energy, with smarter automated marketing.

Hannah and Sam Yagan, founder of OkCupid.com discussing business strategies

Hannah Wiley & Sam Yagan, founder of OkCupid.com – the world’s largest & fastest growing free dating site – discussing online business strategies, in San Francisco, CA.

If you would like to…

  • Have competition be a non-issue…
  • Experience less stress, strain, anxiety and aggravation in your business…
  • Have a predictable online system for growth…

Then we should talk.

How can we attract more high quality leads & sales to your business?

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